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🔥Christmas Sale🔥Easy Squeeze Butterfly Mop

🔥Christmas Sale🔥Easy Squeeze Butterfly Mop

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Mop Set
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🔥Christmas Sale🔥Easy Squeeze Butterfly Mop
34,99 Kč

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Effortless Cleaning with Our Easy Squeeze Butterfly Mop!

Tired of the hassle of traditional mopping?

Experience a revolution in cleaning with our Easy Squeeze Butterfly Mop.

This mop is designed to make your life easier, ensuring spotless floors without the fuss.

Why Our Mop Head Special

Infused with cleaning solution for enhanced effectiveness

Generous size: 34*8 CM for extensive coverage

Thicker sponge for extraordinary absorbency

360° rotating head for seamless maneuvering

Crafted with durable cotton for lasting freshness

- Super Absorbent Sponge Power

Say goodbye to stubborn spills and messes. Our Easy Squeeze Butterfly Mop's thick sponge head is your trusty ally in absorbing liquids swiftly, leaving your floors dry and clean.

- Cleaning Solution at Your Fingertips

The mop head comes pre-infused with a cleaning solution, making every swipe more effective. Experience the power of advanced cleaning technology as you effortlessly glide through dirt and grime.

- Say Farewell to Hand Washing

Tired of wringing out mops by hand? Our Easy Squeeze Butterfly Mop features an innovative easy-squeeze mechanism. Keep your hands dry and let the mop do the work for you.

- From Wet to Dry, It's Your All-in-One

Whether it's a spilled drink or everyday dust, our mop is versatile for all your cleaning needs. Effortlessly switch between wet and dry mopping to maintain spotless floors all year round.


  • Color: As shown
  • Size: As shown
  • Package Includes: Mop Set with 2 Refill Head

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